Fire Investigator Technician

Fire Investigation Technician (IAAI-FIT®)

The IAAI Fire Investigation Technician Program verifies an applicant’s fundamental knowledge as measured against core job performance requirements of the established professional qualification standards for fire investigators defined in NFPA 1021, NFPA 1033 and NFPA 1037. The IAAI-FIT® program encourages educational and professional development through recognition of an individual’s accomplishments in developing core abilities and competencies related to fire investigation.
The IAAI-FIT® designation must be renewed every three years.

Why earn the IAAI-FIT® designation?

Designation as an IAAI-FIT® has many advantages, including:

  • Acknowledgement by an independent body that the individual has demonstrated competence on the applicable professional qualification standards.
  • Recognition by an independent body that the individual possesses fundamental knowledge required by the applicable professional qualification standards.
  • Demonstration, through the recertification process, that the individual is keeping current with their training and professional knowledge development.
  • Measurement of these achievements using a standardized mechanism, as set by the IAAI-FIT® Committee.

Certified Fire Investigator

Certified Fire Investigator (IAAI-CFI®)

In 1986, the IAAI addressed a national concern by developing the Certified Fire Investigator (IAAI-CFI®) program. The IAAI-CFI® qualification is a standardized evaluation of a fire investigator’s training and expertise. Investigators applying for IAAI-CFI® certification must complete an extensive application requiring documentation, earn sufficient points for their achievements in education, training, and experience, and pass a comprehensive examination. To become an IAAI-CFI®, the applicant must:

  • Attain at least 150 points on the IAAI-CFI® application through documented achievements in education, training, and experience. Every point claimed on the application must be documented by certificate, diploma, reference letter, transcript, or other acceptable method.
  • Earn a 70% passing grade on a comprehensive, “closed book,” proctored examination that is based on every job performance requirement in NFPA 1033: Standard for Professional Qualifications for Fire Investigator. The application must be approved prior to sitting for the examination.