Combination Membership Renewal (SCIAAI & IAAI)

If you are a SC Chapter Only Member, DO NOT FILL OUT THIS FORM.
DISCLAIMER: By submission of the this form, the member affirmatively represents that he or she has not been convicted of any crime nor has their candidacy for SCIAAI or IAAI membership changed in any way that would have denied them membership when they first applied. The member affirmatively represents that they have not violated the SCIAAI or IAAI Constitution & By-Laws or Code of Ethics since they first applied. If the member believes they are in violation of the above then they must fully disclose in writing the circumstances of such violation to the SCIAAI Board of Directors within 30 days of this notice. As a result of any such violation(s), the member’s membership status may be jeopardized because the member’s eligibility for membership has changed in a way that would have denied him/her initial membership.